Friday, 26 October 2012

LIPSTICK | Favourite Winter Lipsticks

I know all that 'seasonally appropriate' colour talk is annoying and boring. If it's snowing outside and I want to wear a coral lip, then I damn well will. However, I have found myself leaning towards certain colours now we're into the colder months. Basically, I'm in love with anything vampy. While I still haven't found my perfect dark red shade, these are a few colours I've been especially enjoying lately (a few may also be in my all-time favourite lipsticks too, but oh well). They're not even all red! The only place I really enjoy colour variety is on my lips, apparently. (Although not brand variety, it would seem, as all but one of these are from Revlon. What can I say? They offer a good colour range.)

I think this colour is discontinued? Or just incredibly hard to find. Either way, I got mine on eBay from a seller overseas and the day it finally arrived was awesome. The wear on this isn't the greatest. I think it was one of the first shades launched in the Matte line so it's a little unforgiving if your lips are really exfoliated and reapplication can be a pain (I guess this is why it was discontinued...). It's a great colour though so I put up with all the palava anyway.

This is my Twin Peaks lipstick. If I'm feeling like channeling a little Sherilyn Fenn, I put this on. It's more brown than it appears in the picture, which may not be everyone's cup of tea. A bit 90s/odd, maybe? That's why I like it though, being a bit drawn to ugly things. It's dark enough that it's not nude but still a bit pink, so I don't feel ridiculous.

Cool toned raspberry-red that lasts for ages and seems to go with almost anything? That about sums it up. This colour and I go way back; I've loved it for years now. It goes well with any season and looks good whether I'm a bit tanned or my usual ghostly pale self, but I do tend to reach for it more during the winter. 

So good I bought it twice. I'm nearly through two tubes of this lipstick. I keep one at university and one at my mum's house, so wherever I am I'm never without it. I don't particularly care for any other colour in the Lip Butter range and I'm not usually a fan of glossy lips (I have a drawer full of lipgloss that I never even wear. Hate the stuff. I don't even know why I have so much) but this is my love. Deep red that can be sheer or nice and bold, the latter being my personal preference.

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